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I cannot recommend Rebecca more highly. She is so on top of things and organized, bring some calm to a process that can feel overwhelming and chaotic. She works one-on-one with the student, giving them autonomy from meddling parents. And she is a great fan, encouraging students to find the school that is the right fit for them.

Debbie, Class of 2023 Parent, Student attending Reed University

Our daughter is a senior - and about to make a decision about college. We used Rebecca Field as our college consultant. From the first moment we met to explore, it was clear to us that the combination of warmth, no-nonsense focus and deep knowledge were going to be a good match for our daughter. We entered into a full agreement which turned out to be the best decision we've made to support our daughter's autonomy, decision making and confidence. Rebecca is a great listener with unbelievable follow through. We had regular communication about due dates and next steps. Rebecca supported our daughter through the college essay process without our involvement (which I would recommend) until a near final draft was presented - which was real, compelling and a lovely statement from the heart. We couldn't have been more grateful that the regular meetings and support led to strong decisions on school applications, 6 acceptance letters and now a near final decision which feels so right and on-target! We are grateful for all of Rebecca's time, support and genuineness through this process. We would recommend her to anyone exploring post high school planning with their teens.

David, Class of 2022 Parent, Student attending Cal Poly Humboldt

Rebecca was an outstanding college counselor — she was always there with knowledge and reassurance in equal measure. Her communication was truthful, informed, and optimistic. I so appreciated her genuine dedication my success, and her constant willingness to answer my many stressed-out questions. Rebecca is experienced, helpful, and warm. Her guidance and support through this process was invaluable.

Class of 2022 Student, Brown University

I had a great experience working with Rebecca Field and I highly recommend her. She did a wonderful job overseeing my son’s college application process. I am a single parent and I was terrified of the overwhelming job of getting my kid to apply to college. My son is a good student, but his GPA and SAT scores were not great. He also has mild Asperger’s syndrome and organizing extremely complex tasks requires some effort. But Rebecca whipped him into shape and got him to follow a tight schedule and make all the necessary decisions at all the necessary times. I participated, but I felt that the main weight was carried by Rebecca and my son, and I did not have to become a nervous wreck worrying about what application was due when and how to write all those essays. She worked hard with him on the essays, and in the end he was able to produce beautiful, polished essays that presented an authentic picture of himself and that were in his own voice.

Mike, Class of 2021 Parent, Student attending Tulane University

Prior to my son being close to applying for college, I was baffled by conversations from parents about hiring a college counselor for their kids; however, when the time came for my son, we hired Rebecca Field. (Rebecca was a referral from a friend.) I was very impressed by how she managed the process with my son. The process is very organized and takes parents out of the equation because it customizes the search to the needs and wants of your child. All the stress and pressure from doing whatever the student needs to do is managed extremely well by Rebecca. She develops a relationship with the student and they communicate in person or via FT. It highly resembles a conversation adults may have with their manager where a manager discusses tasks needed to be accomplished and the employee follows through and then reports back for feedback. I really liked that because it gives the student a window to an adult's life although we know that some of this goes on in high school. After students have identified and applied to their preferred colleges which range from "yes, I can get in" to a "reach school", then Rebecca continues to support the student with reminders and valuable information when the student is struggling with making a decision. Needless to say, hiring Rebecca was the best investment we did for our son. He got into many of his top choices and ended up choosing Chapman University, his top choice. 

Carmen, Class of 2020 Parent, Student attending Chapman University

Rebecca is one of a kind and has given me unparalleled support in all my educational endeavors. Even with my prestigious high school and ivy league preparation, my academic and personal careers could not have launched successfully without Rebecca. Her unique and effective techniques single-handedly allowed me to conquer my learning difficulties. Before I was "driven to distraction." Now, I am ambitious with my agendas.

Jono, UC Berkeley Student, College Success & Retention Coaching Student

My son's work with Rebecca Field has been life-changing for him. Rebecca has a unique ability to relate to my son in a way that makes him feel proud of his efforts and also keep him organized and accountable with both college classes and life-skills. I've seen tremendous growth in my son's self-confidence and maturity since he began working with Rebecca. She is also a wealth of information about LD students and working with colleges to get the services that they need. I highly recommend her services.

Jane, Parent, Berkeley City College, College Success & Retention Coaching Student

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