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Rebecca Field Consulting offers two unique services both for students who learn differently (LD) and for students without learning challenges. With years of experience working with students and their families, Rebecca Field Consulting offers College Admissions

Advising and College Success & Retention Coaching.


When high school students and their families begin to consider the transition from high school to college, they often need support and guidance. Rebecca Field Consulting offers this help. Through individualized and expertly guided sessions, Rebecca Field Consulting assists students and families in selecting appropriate post-high school options and completing the necessary applications, essays and supplements to ensure that students have the best chance of admission. Rebecca Field Consulting is skilled at working with LD students and with those who do not struggle with learning and is committed to helping students find the very best college match. 


What happens once students are admitted into college? How can families ensure students' continued success? In addition to college admissions advising, Rebecca Field Consulting offers a unique service, College Success & Retention Coaching.

In our experience working with students with LD and with those who do not struggle with learning challenges, we have learned that students often do not get the support they need once they arrive on a college campus. Our students can get into college, but staying there is another matter altogether. LD students often need assistance accessing supports on campus, understanding how the law impacts their rights in a post-secondary environment, and organizing their time. Students without unique learning needs can also struggle with time management, course selection, and follow through. Providing the needed support can make the difference between college success and out.

To read more about college coaching and how it can impact a student's ability to graduate, please read this article from the New York Times based on a recent Stanford University School of Education study.

Rebecca Field Consulting certified to administer the Strong Interest Inventory!


RFC visits colleges in Rhode Island & Boston, Spring 2019

RFC visits colleges in Pittsburgh, PA, Spring 2019

RFC visits colleges in Minnesota, Spring 2018

RFC visits colleges in North Carolina, Winter 2018

RFC visits colleges in Burlington, VT, Summer 2017

RFC visits colleges in Milwaukee, WI, Spring 2017

RFC visits colleges/universities in Dallas, TX, Winter 2017

RFC tours college/universities in Atlanta, GA, Winter 2017

RFC visits Trinity University, San Antonio, Fall 2016

RFC visits the University of Montana, Summer 2016

RFC visits University of the Pacific & California Lutheran, Summer 2016

RFC tours colleges in Iowa & Nebraska, Spring 2016

Counselor Participant, Road to College, Richmond, CA, Spring 2016

RFC tours Quest University, Squamish BC, Winter 2016

RFC serves as a reader for UC Davis, Fall 2015

RFC creates and organizes Bayhill High School Annual College/Transition Fair 2010-2022


Bayhill High School, 2008 - 2023

Tilden Preparatory High School, 2015 - 2023

Sterne High School 2015-2020

AET Professional Group, 2020

Ed Rev Conference, Spring 2019

Berkeley High School, Winter 2019

Oakland Technical High School, 2015 - 2019

Miramonte High School, Winter 2016

Secrets to College Success Webinar, Fall 2015

Compass High School, Fall 2015

Fusion Academy, Fall 2015

Questions? Please contact us:

(510) 816-7755

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